Lazy Guy
Lazy Guy
Full Name Lazy Guy
First Appearance Shy Guy Wikia (2009)
Species Shy Guy
Affiliation(s) Shy Guys

i have lost my kirby! -

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Lazy Guy is one of the most harmless Shy Guys in the series. Lazy Guys are garbed in green robes, with blue shoes, and they tend to be seen with droopy eyes. Instead of attacking the Mario Bros, these enemies will simply act as an obstacle because all they do is sleep. While sleeping however, the bros can use the Lazy Guy as an extra step to reach certain places. These guys are also extremely weak and can easily be defeated by any form of attack. However, after a long day at work, the leader of the Lazy Squad, General Leigh Zea, was sleeping at his home. Due to his laziness, the house's foundation was weak and it fell apart. Leigh Zea fell to the floor below and was pierced in the heart by a dark crystal. He survived and was transformed into General NRG, who later teamed up with Eye Guy and Awesome Guy.