Sigh Guy
Sigh Guy
Full Name Sigh the Shy Guy
First Appearance Shy Guy Wikia
Species Shy Guy
Affiliation(s) Himself
Latest Appearance Shy Guy Adventures

"I'll defeat you all... and gain the ULTIMATE POWER! No one can stop me! Not even that idiot purple head!!!"
Sigh Guy, Mario and Luigi: Purple Heroes

Sigh Guy Edit

Sigh Guy is probably one of the most feared Shy Guys ever. Even Chuck Norris would flee at the sight of him. He is a pale blue Shy Guy who constantly emits a horrible aura around his body. He constantly emits a murderous vibe. He may look innocent especially since he is still just a little kid but do not underestimate him. His favorite thing to do is to prank people although these pranks always end up killing someone and he even knows thats what'll happen too which is why he loves it. He can also kill by using his mind. There are currently only two people who have gone up against him and lived. They are none other than the mighty Timson622222 and Thefallenangel407.

Mario and Luigi: Purple Heroes Edit

Sigh Guy is the most powerful villain, fought four battles before Dark Marriland. He plays The Seal of Orichalcos prior to the battle, boosting all of his attacks and raising his speed unless the cast can stop him. He has an arsenal of attacks. After he is defeated, Sigh Guy has his soul taken by the Orichalcos. Before this, a heartbreaking scene of Sigh Guy reaching towards his parents, apologizing, and then collapsing, dead.

Mario Guy and Luigi Guy: March of the Shroobs Edit

It is revealed in this fan-made game that Sigh Guy and Awesome Sigh Guy are both sons of Bye Guy and Hi Girl. His little brother in fact reveals this by reminding him of their parents and asking why they haven't seen them in such a long time by referring to them as mom and dad. Later they see their birth parents which shows Bye Guy and Hi Girl as their parents. There is a breif period where you actually get to control Sigh Guy who has Awesome Sigh Guy trailing behing him. The scene involves Sigh Guy trying to find their parents to make Awesome happy.